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Red Light Therapy

Reduce Pain - Heal Faster - Perform Better

Palladio Cavallo Stables offers state of the art red light therapy for your Equine Partner.


The device used is the LED red, and near infrared, light therapy pads from, "According to Gospel, Equine Light Therapy".  To find out more, check out their website at:

Be sure to check out the "Stories From Our Horse Clients" on the above website for pictures, videos, x-rays and more testimonials. 

Please note that red light therapy should generally be used at 15-20 minute intervals, sometimes up to 25-30 minutes, on each location. A minimum of 6 hours should be in between the next session, in the same location. If a practitioner spends too much time in one location, this can actually inhibit and reverse the healing processes, and may cause more harm.  Make sure your practitioner is knowledgeable.

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