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Charity started her professional training career in 2004, after catching the eye of fellow boarders at a facility in Washington State. It was there she started riding for clients.  Since that time, it has been Charity's passion to build strong relationships with the horse and rider teams she works with. 

Charity has an exceptional gift of working with troubled horses, and those who need rehabilitation.

Additionally, Charity has many years of handling and training stallions, along with running a World Class Breeding operation.

Charity majored in Biological and Animal Sciences during college, as she planned a career in the Equine Veterinary field.  Since her late teens, Charity has been studying Equine Nutrition, and tailors feeding strategies for her clients, based on their horse's needs. In addition, Charity holds certifications in Ultra-sounding, and Equine Breeding practices.

Charity gives back in a variety ways through various charitable efforts, and causes. Her goal is to help change lives, one horse, one person, and one goal at time.

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Horses have been Charity's dream since she could say her first words.  Charity's background with horses, in and out of the show arena, spans over 30 years; more than 20 of which has been devoted to training them.  In the mid-90's a tragic accident, with her horse under another trainer's care, is what started her dedication to learn true horsemanship.


Charity's commitment to the well-being of the horse, and the betterment of training, has shaped her program.

Over the years, it has been Charity's honor to learn from some of the top, world renowned, equine professionals in the industry.


Charity has mentored with multiple world champions. Al Dunning, and Dana Hokana, are two that have had a tremendous impact in her life.

Charity has coached her clients to multiple wins at World, National, State, and Local level competitions, in a variety of Western and English disciplines.


Charity is excited to share her knowledge with you, and help you achieve your goals with your Equine Partner.  Whether you are looking to show, breed, or just enjoy riding, Charity can help you create that willing and successful partnership with your horse.


Come be part of a fantastic team!  

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