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Proper, balanced, equine nutrition is key to the overall health, and longevity of your horse.  Through years of Equine Nutrition study, Charity has developed dietary strategies that help with many facets of the horse's needs, and physical issues.


Charity has a passion for helping her clients with their Equine Partners on a variety of levels, and believes that most onsets of physical issues start with the diet.


An anti-inflammatory, forage based diet, is highly recommended - along with testing of hay, as a baseline, to tailor your horse's program. An anti-inflammatory diet is free of fillers, molasses, and possible endocrine disruptors. Contact Charity to find out more on her recommended feeds, supplements, and to schedule a consult. 970-799-7730

If persistent issues continue, often times genetic testing (if not already done), bloodwork panels, and hair analysis is recommended.

There are a handful of companies that Charity endorses for her horses and clients. 

OO Equine Organics,  is a line of metabolites that helps promote digestive health, and rapid micro biome recovery.

Wild Fed Horse Feed,  is a fantastic, holistic line of herbal blends, offering one of the most comprehensive, "clean" complete feeds on the market.


T.H.E. Equine Edge, which is the preferred supplements for several Triple Crown winners, and multiple Champions, has a formula specifically made for Charity. If you're interested, Charity can help you with the formulation for your horses, or help to order the formula she has them put together for her.  Additionally, T.H.E. Equine Edge offers hair analysis to better develop the supplements to your horse's needs. You can check them out and order at:

Animal Element, is another highly recommended company that makes excellent anti-inflammatory/"clean" products.  Charity has seen some fantastic changes in all the horses that have been put on the recommendations of AE.  To see what they offer go to:

Steel Horse Formulations, has a very exciting formula that is proving to be groundbreaking for the Equine Industry.   Their star product, Serraquin ES-15, is showing amazing results in several hard to rehab cases that Charity has been working with.  Go to:, to find out more!

See the picture gallery below for before and after's of some of the horses that Charity has helped.

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