Charity Swift has devoted her life, and talents, to better train and develop the horse.

She enjoys helping her clients achieve their goals with their Equine Partners, both in and out of the show ring.

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Palladio Cavallo Stables proudly offers World Class Training, Lessons, and Clinics.

Charity Swift is the owner, and resident trainer, of Palladio Cavallo Stables.  She offers training, lessons, and clinics for all riding abilities, ranging from the beginning rider, to the seasoned competitor. With her vast knowledge of various disciplines, she can help you achieve your goals. To find out more about Charity, go to the  ABOUT  page.

Palladio Cavallo Stables is excited to present clinics from World Renowned Clinicians.  Please check with us for clinic schedules.       970-799-7730


Interested in finding out what the horses at Palladio Cavallo Stables are fed? Find out what keeps them at their very best.

Charity Swift offers her expertise in Equine Nutrition, with personal consultations, basing them on your horse's individual needs.

Check out Charity's podcast - The Ride Up with Charity Swift, for episodes dedicated to the Equine Diet.


Want to order your favorite Stallion Swag, or Charity Swift Performance Horses Gear?

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Palladio Cavallo Stables offers Red Light Therapy to you and your Equine Partner.

Reduce pain, heal faster, and perform better with the power of light.



Palladio Cavallo Stables offers Boarding, Training, Lessons, Breeding Management, Clinics, as well as being a beautiful setting for a Wedding Venue.